Are you in an abusive relationship - verbally, emotionally, or mentally?

If you feel you are being abused . . . you are.

Have you experienced any of the following in your relationship(s)?

You will need support and guidance if you are dealing with an abusive partner or spouse.
  • Are you walking on eggshells with a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?
  • Do you often feel like you are going crazy?
  • When you tell your partner how you are feeling about something he/she has done that hurt you, does he/she attack you verbally or emotionally and turn it back on you?
  • Is your partner good at verbally twisting words and actions?
  • Does your partner undermine your support system?
  • Does your partner play the victim and blame you and everyone else for the problems he/she has?
  • Does your partner push and harass you to get a reaction, then try to make you look out of control?
  • Did your partner initially sweep you off your feet, want to marry you quickly, pretend he/she is interested in all the same things as you, and then suddenly become your worst nightmare?
  • Does it feel like your partner is one person in public and someone totally different behind closed doors?
  • Are you trapped in the "cycle of abuse" - does your partner criticize you, blame you, and reject you; then apologize, ask for forgiveness, and beg to start over . . . again and again?
  • Have you tried to leave your partner and found out how cruel or sadistic he/she can be?
  • After giving everything of yourself, has your partner discarded you like an empty milk carton and moved on to his/her next "Soul Mate"?
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