Compassion Fatigue & Secondary Trauma: Caregiver Burnout

Are you suffering from these symptoms of your work as a caregiver or health-care provider?

As caregivers and health care providers, we are often exposed to others' trauma, either by listening or witnessing the trauma. Over time, this can have a profound effect on our own emotional and physical health and therefore our functioning in the work place, at home and most of all in our relationships

The definition of trauma also includes "overwhelming stress or exposure to stressful events over a long period of time." Trauma does not have to be one major incident, but lots of smaller ones that build up in our nervous system over time. There is a neurobiological component to the effects of trauma.

Since working in all areas of others trauma, from hospitals to private practice, I have found ways to prevent not only being negatively affected, but actually feeling energized. This also increases the positive, safe, trusting and loving connection with our clients, and helps us feel more fulfilled in our lives as well as our clients feeling more fulfilled in their lives.

My approach is designed to help you gain awareness and understanding of the causes, symptoms, prevention, and healing of compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, and burnout. It will change how you perceive your profession and bring you more energy and compassion for yourself, as well as your clients.
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