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I have several options of fees for different client needs. This includes individual sessions, group sessions, couple sessions, court fees, phone calls, consultation, hospital visits, etc. Please call for more information.

  I find that I cannot properly and fully give a client what they may need in the 45 minute sessions that most insurances cover.  This is especially in regard to specific “somatic neurobiological therapies” that should require more time and processing to meet the client’s needs. Please refer to ‘Techniques” section for further explanation of modalities used. However, “Cognitive Behavioral” & ‘Brief Solution Focused” therapies can be done in less time.

It is important for clients to know that all insurance companies require a client diagnosis to make payment. This diagnosis can become part of your permanent record. 

If you do not use your insurance, then once I receive payment from you, I can give you a monthly invoice for you to send in yourself and collect from your insurance company. Once again your insurance company may require you to get a diagnosis from me to submit on your invoice for you to get back any fees from your insurance company.  I cannot guarantee, what, if any your reimbursement may be.

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