Sessions | Fees | Insurance

I have several options of fees for different client needs. This includes individual sessions, group sessions, couple sessions, court fees, phone calls, consultation, hospital visits, etc. Please call for more information.

 I no longer accept any insurances. 
I may be an out of network provider with some insurance companies. However, you will have to check with your specific insurance company to see if they accept me as an out of network provider. What that means is that you will pay me my full fee at the end of each session. Please let me know if you require a monthly statement. I can then give you a statement showing what you paid. You have to submit the forms yourself.
 I am not responsible for whether or not you get reimbursed for any part
 of my fee.

It is important for clients to know insurance companies may require a client diagnosis in order for you to get reimbursed.  This diagnosis can become part of your permanent record.

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