Living Your Potential

Living your potential is not just about being the best in our careers, making more money, being the best spouse, friend, parent or grandparent. It is also about living our potential for receiving and making choices for ourselves - not from a position of fear, but instead from a position of love.

The beauty about living your potential is that your potential is limitless.

The issue is not whether you can reach your potential. The issue is that you must realize your potential and then take the steps to reach your goals. Each tiny step will give you the energy to take the next step and the next.

If you believe you are part of something greater, then anything is possible.

We are each like a drop in the ocean, or like a single cell in the human body. Each drop or each cell carries with it a part of the greater whole. Therefore you can tap into that greater whole to manifest whatever you need or desire.

You can seek every day to live your potential. If you set a goal for yourself, then that is the first part of manifesting your potential.

Perseverance is a key quality. Never give up.

There may be obstacles and challenges along the way. They are what make you stronger and wiser. If you look at obstacles and challenges as stepping stones or opportunities, then you will be able to manifest your dreams and move further toward your goals and your potential.

In my line of work I have seen many people who have had great difficulty and trauma in their lives. At first they let it paralyze themselves, and they allowed their memories and their pain to hold them back.

And then they began to understand. They began to make their lives have meaning, and to live their lives being the best they can be. I am not talking about perfection here, but about living life to the fullest, in every moment.

Finding a greater purpose is another key quality.
What path do you want to walk?

Do you choose to walk the path of power or the path of love? Can you trust your own inner guidance or intuition? Do you make your choices from a position of love or a position of fear? You find your greater purpose and make conscious choices by looking for your own, individual answers.

Attitude and gratitude are two more key qualities.
What you believe, you will create.

Your attitudes about yourself and life literally can affect your brain and your body and move you in one direction or another. When you feel gratitude for the gifts in your life including its obstacles and challenges, then you are also living your potential.

To be grateful for what you have instead of what you don’t have will allow more blessings to come into your life.

“Seize the moment, seize the day, and embrace life with joy and wonder.”
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