My Teachers & Mentors

I have so many teachers, mentors, colleagues, and especially clients who have enriched my practice and my life. I am deeply grateful for their insight, wisdom, guidance and love.

Robert C. Scaer, MD

Neurology & Traumatology
Author: The Trauma Spectrum
and The Body Bears the Burden

Peter Levine, PhD

Developer of Somatic Experiencing
Author: Waking the Tiger

Francine Shapiro, PhD

Developer of EMDR
Author: EMDR: The Breakthrough

David Grand, PhD

Developer of BrainSpotting
Producer: Come Hell or High Water

Max Wertheimer, PhD

Developer of Gestalt
Author: Gestalt Theory

Jacob L. Moreno, MD

Developer of Psychodrama
Author: Who Shall Survive?

Leonard Orr & Stanislav Grof

Developers of Breathwork
Author: Beyond the Brain

Harold Klemp

Leader of Eckankar
Author: The Living Word

Diane Poole Heller, PhD

Author: Crash Course

Mary Ann Keatley, PhD

Developer of NeuroHealth
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