Support Groups and Workshops

Behind the Charming Mask of the Narcissist”

How to Survive, Grieve, and Heal From Relationships With the Self Absorbed!

These workshops/groups are for anyone who has been in a significant relationship with a narcissist. This workshop will help if you are the adult child of a narcissistic parent and/or have found yourself in relationships with other narcissists such as your spouse, partner, siblings, employers, and or friends. You will learn how to reclaim your life, and yourself!

Areas of discussion and learning:

  • Definition of a Narcissist
  • Identify different types of narcissists and how they can “lure” you into their web.
  • Who & what is the “narcissistic supply”?
  • Learn how to reframe the negative messages you learned from your narcissistic parent or significant other.
  • Understand why you have always felt that, “I am never good enough or what I do is never good enough”.
  • Gain awareness & understanding why grieving & detaching from a narcissistic relationship is more difficult then grieving the loss of a healthy relationship. This can include having to distance yourself from a toxic parent.
  • Identify what you need to know when divorcing or separating from a narcissistic partner. Most attorneys and therapists refer to "High Conflict" divorces. I believe a high conflict divorce is when both partners are fighting each other. However, I call it an "Abusive Divorce"when one partner is using the divorce and or child custody issues and the legal system to further stalk, harass, and abuse their partner.
  • How to distance, minimize, and/or stop contact with a narcissistic parent.
  • Recognize “toxic/narcissistic” potential suitors and how to protect & take care of yourself when dating.
  • Learn effective strategies, communication, and other tools when dealing with a narcissist in order to minimize the negative effects of this type of relationship.
  • "What is ‘reverse parenting”? Did you often feel like the parent to your parent?
  • Projection, lying, manipulating, and blaming are just some of the main behaviors a narcissist uses. Learn how this has affected your sense of self and self esteem.
  • Realizing that true narcissists see everyone as an object and have no remorse, empathy, or compassion. (Note: There is a “continuum/severity” of narcissistic behaviors from narcissistic traits to a full personality disorder).

What you can gain from this group:

  • You will become empowered, self confident, able to ask for what you need, set boundaries & reclaim your life & yourself!
  • Begin to stop the generational family cycle of narcissism & codependency
  • You will gain validation, support, and new friendships from those who have had similar experiences.
  • You will realize how wonderful you have always been and not to settle for less than unconditional love, care, and respect from any of your relationships.
We will also talk about the differences and similarities between Borderlines (BPD) and Narcissists (NPD), as well as Narcissists and Sociopaths.
You are not alone! Anyone can fall prey to the Narcissist! Narcissists are an elusive breed and often difficult to diagnose, even by an experienced mental health practitioner. You will heal and move forward! With support and validation, you will reframe your experience and become more then you ever thought you could be!

This is an on-going psycho-educational workshop and support group. Groups may be 8, 9, 10, or 12 weeks in duration. This will depend on group size, time of the year and specific group needs. Each group session is 2hrs long . Please bring a journal or notebook. There will be experiential and group exercises, some voluntary homework, meditations, and more.  Fees are to be paid in full before the first group meeting. Groups are $73.00 per 2 hr group or $36.50 per hour. Contact Helene Mentzel  at 303-664-5235 or email at for dates and times of upcoming workshops and support groups. 
(Note: I reserve the right to change fees as needed)  

“Adult Children of Self Absorbed and Toxic Parents”
This is a 2hr group ………… presently being combined with the above group, but may at times be a separate group. I initially intended this to be a separate group, but have found that most clients participating may have had a self absorbed parent and then found themselves as adults in relationships with the self absorbed and toxic partner and/ or other significant others. It has benefited clients so far to be in the combined group as above. I do, however, reserve the option to change this when and if necessary for space, time and for a client’s best healing. Please feel free to call for more information.
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