What Others Say

I have found that Helene Mentzel, as a psychotherapist in the field of trauma, combines a unique combination of empathic presence with an impressive repertoire of special skills in the application of somatic therapy for PTSD. I strongly endorse her work.
Robert C. Scaer, MD
Neurology & Traumatology
Author: The Trauma Spectrum
The Body Bears the Burden
I was involved in a severe auto accident 30 yeas ago. I sustained a massive head injury, total memory loss, was in a coma, and my family was told I'd be a vegetable for the rest of my life. This has taken a tremendous amount of time and effort to overcome. Without the help of very special, gifted, and unique individuals, the quality of my life would be much less today. My injuries forced me to explore realms I'd never imagined. I sought Helene's help over a decade ago, and I've returned time and again as life has changed. I've stretched to limits that have required assistance, and Helene has been key in my progress and spiritual growth. Needless to say, I'm not a vegetable. I live a normal, very productive, treasured, and grateful life. Thank you, Helene, for the essential part you've played and the spiritual base that your gift has helped me develop as I've grown.
T.P., Client
Helene's gentle and curious spirit promotes healthy communication and the ability to go deeper into the emotions and body patterns that are manifested in us.She is incredibly grounded and has a soft presence that is both soothing and comforting.
C.C., Client
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